Snow is gone – almost

It is quite clear as Zoey is seen tiptoeing around the remaining patches of snow that she’s not very upset about seeing it disappear. And while one day I may study the cheetah images I’ve taken to see if I can use the spot patterns to identify the different individuals, for now it’s enough to know that the tail seen below belongs to Zoey, therefore the rest attached to it must be as well.

Above we see a good look at the identifying feature as she gets ready to catch her treats from the zookeeper.

Another variation of the anticipation theme.  Below, well, we all take a bad photo from time to time, even beauties like Zoey.

The lighting was too bright for really good photography and I’m sure the backdrop will look prettier when the grass is green, but aside from figuring out how to get a huge diffuse filter between the sun and the subject, it was what it was: bright afternoon sun.  I could play around in Photoshop, and maybe I will at some point, but I do like documentary photography, which likes honesty in shots.  Well, that’s another topic. What is honest photography, anyway?

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