This was a fall leaf laying on a floating dock on the Somass River, Port Alberni, B.C.. A very cool, grey, dull day, but still worth the walk for this sight alone! The conditions caused frost to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary — for anyone taking the time to look.

The little things in life are what make it easier to clutch onto sanity when the rest of the world seems to have lost its mind.¬†Look closely and you might find that the ordinary isn’t really all that ordinary after all.

We live every day, not just when we able to afford that great vacation. That’s what Escape is: those little moments all around us, every day, no matter where we are, if we stop and take the time to look and soak them up the way a plant takes in sunshine.

See as a child imagining butterflies as fairies or a cat, for which every movement of shadow is host to infinite possibilities of adventure. The world is full of grand statements, but its those little things we often take for granted that hold everything together and the way we choose to look at things that has the ability to turn drudgery or ordinary into magic.








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