Love is in the Air

Hibernation season is done, spring is here, the grizzly exhibit at the Toronto Zoo is open and love is in the air. ¬†Well, kind of. If a turntable had been playing romantic music, the needle would have screeched to an unpleasant-sounding stop. Turns out that while Shintay was fine with a little nuzzling, she was still enjoying the languidness of post hibernation combined with a warm spring sun. ¬†This was the time for sunbathing, stretching and soaking up warmth. When Sampson got a little too amorous for her liking at the moment, “words” were said, clearly and without negotiation.

Watch as Sampson plays it cool, edges a bit closer to Shintay, yawns ever so casually, gets a little closer…

And finally, the look of surrender. For the time being, anyway.

The backdrop isn’t the best — too bad the dens weren’t more natural-looking than over-sized soup caps — and midday lighting through plexiglass isn’t the best for photography, but, hey, the grizzlies are back!!!

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