Someone or something is watching

The first time I saw a green darner dragonfly, I thought it was a hummingbird hovering over the flowers — they are a large insect. As for seeing one at rest, it wasn’t until I saw one land on a plant that I started being able to spot them before scaring them away because I had inadvertently gotten too close.  We pass a lot in this world without realizing it, because we either don’t know to look or we don’t know what to look for,  whether it’s some amazing creation of nature or some intangible aspect of our life that is important to our makeup.

Below is a much wider angle. I had been hoping to find one here eventually and on this day, lo and behold, there one was.

I moved slowly and she was very patient with our little impromptu photo session. They are a gorgeous bug.  The males have blue on their abdomen.

Ever wonder what might be watching you, unnoticed?


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