People in photos can be a good thing!

The above image is of majestic redwoods in the Montgomery Woods in California.  Those trees are huge!  But would their scale be as impressive in a photo without a human in the scene?  And take a look at the colour(s) of the human.  Would he be as noticeable if it weren’t for the red umbrella?

Here is another outdoor image.  This time, it’s another rainy day, but on Vancouver Island.  Those mountains are majestic, the scenery is gorgeous.  The mountains are shrouded with fog and clouds full of rain, which bring their own beauty, but  I was happy to see the fisherman, with his entourage of gulls.  Not only did he make my shot more interesting by his presence, but he was kind enough to dress in bright colours!  The yellow and red makes him stand out against the greys and muted tones of the rainy scene.

So…next time you’re out,  make sure your fellow adventurers are wearing red and consider using them, or some other folk around, as interest in your outdoor shots, to add scale and extra impact to your majestic outdoor shots. Don’t wait for people to get out of your shots, but for them to get in the right place in your shots!

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