It’s Fall Again

One evening last week, the temperature finally dropped below 20.  Trees across the street turned yellow overnight.  While colours are ramping up here, farther north, things are much more advanced.  Hoping to catch peak colours in Algonquin Park, we headed north for a day over the Thanksgiving weekend.  We missed peak, but enjoyed the drive regardless, with the roof down, surrounded by spectacular vistas and colours.

Reds have faded, there are bare places where leaves have already fallen, tamarack trees have started making the change to yellow, soon to be the remaining colour painting the landscape as the winds inevitably cause the weakening bonds between leaves and branches to break.

The image above was taken a short distance outside the park.  The fading brilliant reds and oranges are a backdrop to the tamarack tress that are slipping into their autumn garb.  This place holds a special meaning and we always stop here. We call it Theresa’s Lake, for a long-gone friend who was an amazing photographer and who made some very memorable images here. We always think of her as we take our own images, which always seem to fall short of the bar she set.

And back home, we get to watch this whole process restart.  Because Fall doesn’t last long enough and anything we can do to stretch out the magic lets us hold onto the visual feast longer.





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