Man and his dog

We were sitting on a deck in New Brunswick, talking, admiring the view, appreciating the breeze, when a boat returned from some time out on the water. It moored to a buoy that was anchored in place offshore and the occupants climbed into the waiting rowboat to finish the trek to shore. Who with a camera would have been able to resist this scene!

This is on the same bay on which we have our cottage, so it shares the red sand. ┬áThis presents some interesting challenges at times, as the reds and browns under the water can fight with the blue being reflected from the sky. This was midday, which isn’t the friendliest lighting, and it was very windy, making the water really choppy. I found the colours distracting to the subjects of the image so I removed them.

Below is what the colour image looked like, so you can judge for yourself. I simply love the shot regardless. A man and his faithful companion in a tiny rowboat, in choppy ocean.

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