Cup and Saucer 2

Click to enter a 360° image. Using your mouse, keyboards arrows or finger if on a screen device will allow you to move around the scene.

When taking a 360° image, a tripod with a special camera mount needs to be made perfectly level before the photos can be taken.  When the fellow and I made it to this look off, no one was around as I set up for the shot.  By the time I finished and was ready to begin shooting, however, a bunch of people suddenly showed up.  So, what to do? Wait for them to leave so that I wouldn’t have ghostly shadows in the image as they moved around while I was shooting, or having the same people appearing in different parts of the image? How long would it take for them to move off — there were a lot of them…?

The fellow took care of it. He explained what I was doing and suggested that they pose and freeze in one spot until I shot images all the way around. They did. People can be lovely when given the opportunity.

This is the same vantage point as the previous 360° I posted, taken along the Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail on magnificent Manitoulin Island, but this is the previous year. While that one had been taken just before the peak of the colours, this one has been taken after the peak. There are bare trees, no reds, what would have been brilliant oranges are now turning brown, but the yellows are still there as a payoff for the hike here, as is the spectacular sweeping view of forest and water.

Niagara Escarpment as seen while driving around the area. It adds a bit of rugged drama to the beautiful expanses of forest and many pastoral scenes.

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