Toronto Skyline

This is another photo of our Leslie Spit adventure. You can kind of see the line of trees along the bottom of the city that marks the Toronto Islands, which lie between the Spit and the city.

Below, you can see that the colours on the CN Tower have changed and there is a UFO!  Well, not really.  This is a long exposure that a plane flew through.  Longer exposures also gathered more of the light the clouds were reflecting back.  I’m pondering balancing the sky to a more neutral colour, but for now, this is out of the camera.

Turning around, this was our view (image below).  The moon lit up the white snow beautifully, so getting out of the Spit was no problem in the dark, with no streetlights, and lots of trees.  As a bonus, we saw an owl in a tree in front of us when we got onto the main road, which flew ahead of us as we approached.  An added touch of magic to a wonderful day in that elusive stuff called snow.

One last cityscape as we were close to the Spit entrance.

My good, intrepid, fellow winter-loving company, Dan, has posted a chilly, heart-breaking image that he took while the sun was still up here:

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