Feeding time for Talise!

If I flip back and forth between images when reviewing shots, it’s time for a gif!

I was so looking forward to shooting the zoo’s otter in better light than we’ve been seeing recently and today there was a beautiful blue sky, which meant that I would be able to shoot at lower than 6400 ISO and hopefully see some interesting lighting on the otter’s pool! But, alas, today, she took her treat, which was a frozen variety (every day they mix it up), dragged it up on shore, then munched on it in an unphotogenic corner. I managed a few shots while she was excited that her keeper was standing there, about to throw her a treat, and the lighting was really lovely.  It’s a dark place overall for photography and today I was shooting at a “low” 3200 ISO.  Typically I shoot there between 3200 – 6400 ISO, though yesterday was so dark and dreary, that I really pushed things at a low DOF and 12,800 ISO!

Following are a few shots from the previous day (the zoo is a great place for walking and I spend too much time sitting, staring at a monitor!). Note the difference in the colour of the water in the gif above and jpgs below.  Whenever you shoot water, it will always be influenced by the sky and whatever else is around for the water to reflect.  Today, there was a gorgeous blue sky; yesterday was very grey and drab.

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