Exposing for sunsets can be tricky. Unless you are shooting on a tripod and bracketing with the intention of merging several different exposures into a high dynamic range image (HDRI), you’re going to want to take care with how you are composing and metering.  Just shooting at a scene containing the sun will tend to grossly underexpose everything but the sun. This could be a good effect if intended, particularly for silhouettes, but can be pretty disappointing if you are shooting a landscape.

On this day, I was entertaining dinner guests, so was paying attention to my company rather than the sun setting on the other side of our window with a view.  But when one of my guests remarked on the sunset, well, I had to be a bad hostess for a couple of minutes.  The sun had already set, there were thick clouds, I didn’t have much time to play around (guests, as well as quickly disappearing light), so I exposed for the remaining light, which is what caused my guest to exclaim at the view.  If I had had more time, I may have shot this as an HDR, so I could have brought out some of the deep blue that is sitting in the current black.  I do love this shot regardless.

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