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How to use a RED SSD as production drive

Hi, if you’re a small or mid size production company, here’s a tip to possibly help. ALOT

I have a RED mini Mag which is USB 3.1, this achieves 520Mb/sec over USB 3.1, so that got me thinking … I want an SSD raid for production but can’t yet afford one.

RED MiniMag 7438 2K

RED’s SSD’s have 3 bytes to 1  compared to normal SSD’s. i.e higher quality and more reliable, so why not use one for production?

I have a 480Gb RED  SSD, so I installed firmware Scarlet_W_Build_v7.0.0rc3  on my Scarlet-W and formatted the RED mag UDF format.

Then I consolidated my Final Cut Project so the project file contains all the external media, and then i copied it to the RED Mag. When I open the project from the RED Mag, it’s taking advantage of the RED’s SSD speed of 520Mb/sec instead of my slower Raid speed of 330Mb/sec.

Of course, you’d need to copy the project off the RED media if you need it for the Camera, but if you’re like me … and shoot for many days and then edit, this technique could be useful.

FINDERWhat you get is a high speed SSD, that you need to share with your camera. so considering that you need to copy off your working project each time you need your RED Mag, you need to ask yourself if this is viable.

In some cases, those with Ravens and Scarlets that are on a budget, I would say  ‘YES”.