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How to use a RED SSD as production dr...

How to use a RED SSD as production drive Hi, if you’re a small or mid size production company, here’s a tip to possibly help. ALOT I have a RED mini Mag which is USB 3.1, this achieves 520Mb/sec over USB 3.1, so that got me thinking … I want an SSD raid for production but can’t yet afford one. RED’s SSD’s have 3 bytes to 1  compared to normal SSD [...]

2016 MacBook Pro problems

2016 MacBook Pro problems I’ve been waiting a long time to get Thunderbolt3 in a Mac laptop, 2 years to be precise. So I was one of the first early adopters that pulled the trigger and purchased the instant it became available on the online Apple Store, as I needed a custom built-to-order model. Mine was all specs maxed except only having the 1Tb SSD option. Ord [...]

Fixing a corrupted Final Cut Pro X pr...

Fixing a corrupted Final Cut Pro X project If you’re like me and have been working on the same project for over a year, and then suddenly you get ‘beachballs’ by scrubbing the timeline, then this article is your salvation. I spent days scouring the Internet for fixes on FCPX beachball fixes and tried one after the other – nothing worked. It was not an option to [...]

Mac mini shared storage for 4K edit s...

Mac mini shared storage for 4K edit suites Mac mini shared storage for 4K edit suites Recently been asked about 10GbE networked solutions for shared storage for multiple 4K edit suites. There’s many different solutions on the market, but here’s a fairly economical option using a Mac mini $1,250. The heart of any economical solution is Thunderbolt Raid storage. If you wish [...]

Don’t Trust Apple 2-Step authen...

Don’t Trust Apple 2-Step authentication for AppleID I’m writing this because of the horror story I recently had with Apple’s 2-Step authentication process with AppleID as a warning for others. Don’t let this happen to you. Management of your AppleID can be accomplished from this website. Apple implemented a 2-step authentication option as a response to hacks on celebrity iPho [...]

Building an 8K infrastructure

Building an 8K infrastructure Building an 8K infrastructure: This is a how-to on building an infrastructure capable of handling 8K video for multiple workstations. If you’re a System Administrator looking at upgrading infrastructure at a post facility to work on 4K, you should really be planning a bit beefier system than you thought, as 8K cameras are coming by the [...]

Simple DSLR video stabilization

Simple DSLR video stabilization Here’s a method to get simple DSLR video stabilization. Having a gimble is a great tool, but perhaps you can’t afford one. Put a hotshoe handle on your DSLR to carry it. Your resulting video won’t necessarily be as good as if you used a gimbal, but it may be steady enough to get satisfactory results.   In my test here, [...]

Digital Media Management

Digital Media Management Organizing your media after each video and/or photo shoot assists greatly in automatically adding metadata when you import into a modern edit program like Final Cut Pro X. In addition, having organized media makes navigation within a photo management program like Adobe Lightroom a lot easier. I organize the photos, video, etc., as they are t [...]

How to Unlock System Lock PIN Code on...

system lock PIN Mac Hey APPLE. you shouldn’t be able to accidentally lock your Mac using the iCloud Back to My Mac mechanism, but YOU CAN ACCIDENTALLY ACTIVATE THE SYSTEM PIN CODE and LOCK YOUR MAC ! It was scary…. I locked my Mac by accidentally clicking on a file in the DiskWarrior USB stick called “Lock” in /System/Installation/CDIS folder on the DiskWa [...]

Digital Cinema Display options

Digital Cinema Display options November 17, 2014: OK, although the Sharp KN-K321 4K 32″ display with HDMI and Display Port inputs is the display officially sold on Apple’s site, it is no longer THE display of choice for Digital Cinema Professionals. The LG 31MU97 is a 31″ DCI 4K display with 10bit colour with DCI 60Hz 4096×2160 resolution and support [...]