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Digital Media Management

Digital Media Management Organizing your media after each video and/or photo shoot assists greatly in automatically adding metadata when you import into a modern edit program like Final Cut Pro X. In addition, having organized media makes navigation within a photo management program like Adobe Lightroom a lot easier. I organize the photos, video, etc., as they are t [...]

How to Unlock System Lock PIN Code on...

system lock PIN Mac Hey APPLE. you shouldn’t be able to accidentally lock your Mac using the iCloud Back to My Mac mechanism, but YOU CAN ACCIDENTALLY ACTIVATE THE SYSTEM PIN CODE and LOCK YOUR MAC ! It was scary…. I locked my Mac by accidentally clicking on a file in the DiskWarrior USB stick called “Lock” in /System/Installation/CDIS folder on the DiskWa [...]

Cineform for FREE ?

Cineform for FREE ? Yup, well sort of. If you’re an Adobe CC user and have 2014 installed, Adobe Media encoder 2014 has the ability to encode to the GoPro-Cineform codec. This is a new great option for 4K video, expecially now that there’s FREE decoders for Mac and PC available at Cineform. This could be Adobe’s move for widespread adoption of [...]

Fixing a corrupted Final Cut Pro X pr...

Fixing a corrupted Final Cut Pro X project If you’re like me and have been working on the same project for over a year, and then suddenly you get ‘beachballs’ by scrubbing the timeline, then this article is your salvation. I spent days scouring the Internet for fixes on FCPX beachball fixes and tried one after the other – nothing worked. It was not an option to [...]

Building a 4K ProRes 4444 portable wo...

Building a 4K ProRes 4444 portable workflow I want to shoot and edit 1,600 kms away from my home in Toronto, but I have really limited space in my Z4.  So I started looking into what it would take to build a portable 4K ProRes 4444 workflow. Is it possible with current technology, and is it cost effective? Ideally you would like all the colour detail to be with you in your NLE, so that [...]

Optimizing camera SSD offloading

Optimizing camera SSD offloading I was reading this post on the RED user forums about bus-powered offloads of   a REDmag. I immediately thought we can even improve on that solution. If you’re in the field and have no power outlets for external drives, you need bus power drives to offload your daily footage. The Lacie 1TB Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive is [...]


It’s great working with someone who is not only good at IT, but also understands post from an editors point of view. Ross Briggs – Chameleon Film Video Inc.