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But all 41 are alternative or adult education programs serving

50 Michigan schools that produce few college graduates

That’s about half the statewide average for high quality replica handbags Michigan’s public school graduates.

But graduates of Wayne County’s charter schools fared even worse: 11% from the Class of 2009 replica handbags online had a bachelor’s by summer 2017, based on data from the state’s Center for Educational Performance and Information.

cheap designer bags replica CEPI collected post secondary data by matching the school graduates against the enrollment lists at Michigan Replica Handbags colleges and universities as well as the National Student Clearinghouse, which looks at college enrollment records nationwide. cheap designer bags replica

high quality replica bags Statewide, 30% from the Classes of 2009 11 had a bachelor’s degree by summer aaa replica designer handbags 2017, and another 9% had an associate’s or a post secondary certificate. high quality replica bags

Those numbers vary considerably among by school district and are strongly correlated to family income.

designer replica luggage Among Designer Fake Bags high school graduates who qualified for the subsidized lunch program, 12% had a bachelor’s degree and 21% completed a post secondary program. That compares to 38% and 48% respectively for more affluent students. designer replica luggage

high quality designer replica We’ve already published a list of public purse replica handbags high schools with that produced the most college graduates from the Classes of 2009 Wholesale Replica Bags 11. No surprise, Fake Handbags that list was dominated by schools from affluent communities along with selective magnet programs. high quality designer replica

See the 60 schools that produced Handbags Replica the most college graduates

Assembling the list of schools with the lowest rates of post secondary success is a little harder.

For instance, 41 Michigan replica bags high schools had no graduates from 2009 11 who finished a post secondary Fake Designer Bags program by summer 2017. But all 41 are alternative or adult education programs serving students who struggle to graduate high school.

good quality replica bags Removing alternative and adult education programs from consideration, below is a list of the 50 Michigan public high schools with the lowest rates Replica Designer Handbags of post secondary success for the Classes of 2009 11. good quality replica bags

But first is an online database that allows readers to look up the numbers for any public high KnockOff Handbags school. The “any award” column is replica Purse the percentage of graduates who have a bachelor’s and/or associate’s degree and/or completed a community college certificate program.

Outcomes for Classes of 2009 11 by high school

replica bags from china To compare results within an intermediate school district, click on “all districts.” You can rank Replica Bags Wholesale the schools by clicking Replica Bags on column header click once for a ranking that begins with the lowest number; click twice for a ranking by the highest number. replica bags from china

See how graduates from your Michigan high school fare in college

replica bags buy online Now for the list of the 50 public high schools with the lowest rates of post secondary success among graduates from the Classes of 2009 11, excluding alternative and adult ed programs. (Charter schools marketed as an alternative program also were excluded.) replica bags buy online

14 of the 50 schools are no longer open. Those schools are noted.

16 are part of Detroit Public Schools, including five schools that are now closed. (Detroit also has two schools Renaissance and Cass Tech on the list of schools with the best outcomes.)

luxury replica bags 19 are charter wholesale replica designer handbags schools, including five schools that are now closed. (One charter, Black River Public School in Holland, is on the list of schools with the best outcomes.) luxury replica bags

The common denominator among the schools listed: They serve high poverty communities where relatively few adults have college degrees.

buy replica bags online A Designer Replica Bags number of the 50 schools listed below had less than three years of data. That includes schools that opened after 2009 10 or closed before 2010 11, and schools with fewer than 10 graduates in one or more of the three years studied. Our list notes when less than three years of data was available. buy replica bags online

best replica designer One more note: cheap replica handbags The 50 schools below are ranked by percentage of high school graduates who completed any post secondary program. It replica handbags china starts with the school that had the lowest percentage in that category best replica designer.