Prospect – High Head Trail

Hiking "High Head Trail" on the Hages Lane side of the trail is a totally awesome experience. You disappear from any sign of civilization within seconds of starting the hike and you're soon at the ocean's edge.

_DSC9011sunset_1024Above is a glimpse of the sun setting through the black spruce along the narrow peat trail leading to the ocean.


Below is a VR scene (iPad compatible) near the beginning of the trail. Click and drag to view the scene in 360˙


Prospect – High Head Trail.  The trail is protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.


We revisit this part of Prospect every year, as it’s such an amazing hiking trail next to the ocean’s edge. Below is a VR scene (iPad compatible) mid trail. Click and drag to view the scene in 360˙

High Head Trail VR 3

It’s popular with locals, too, as they come to fish from the edge of the rocks.

ProspectBay3760 ProspectTrail3751



I find it amazing just how the vegetation manages to survive in this hostile environment, but it does. Soil in its usual sense doesn’t exist here, it’s more decaying plant and water than anything between the granite rock. Plants obtain moisture from the ocean fog and peat.




Ambitious hikers can find a shear rock face at the farthest point.

ProspectTrail3788 ProspectTrail3793 ProspectTrail-BehindTheScenes3791We love the pristine beauty of the rocks and the ocean here more than anything. It’s truly an unspoiled and an infrequently traveled spot with regards to your typical tourist, but one well-worth it.


Below is another VR scene (iPad compatible) mid trail. Click and drag to view the scene in 360˙

High Head Trail VR 2

ProspectTrail3901 ProspectTrail3925 ProspectTrail2461 ProspectTrail2516 ProspectTrail3879

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